Thursday, 12 February 2009


Apologies for the blurry photo. The amenable letter reads:

Goldsmiths proposals for humanitarian scholarships

Goldsmiths will establish 4 scholarships, covering the cost of taught postgraduate tuition fees, to be awarded to students who come from all and any part of the world which is affected by oppression, persecution, political or military strife such that their human right to education is denied to them.

Goldsmiths will work with its students and other interested parties to establish a charitable trust to raise funds to support the costs of these students' study - accommodation, travel and living expenses. In the early years of the charity's operation, if it cannot raise sufficient funds to cover the costs, Goldsmiths will provide funds to enable the students to study at Goldsmiths.

Two of the four scholarships will, for the ten years from 2009-10 until 2018-19, be reserved for students from Palestine. Before the 2019-20 scholarships are advertised, there will be a review, which will include asking the student body (and making its assent a necessary condition) to determine whether and for how long the reservation of 2 scholarships for Palestinian students should continue.

Goldsmiths will work with Al-Quds Open University and Birzeit University, with which we already have strong academic links, in identifying suitable candidates. The selection panel to agree the criteria for the scholarships in the first instance, and to determine who receives the scholarships on an annual basis, shall comprise a student representative chosen by the students, an academic staff representative, and a Pro-Warden.

Consequences of the occupation

It is my belief that the occupation of Deptford Town Hall has been conducted peacefully and in good order. Unless, when the occupation is over, significant damage is found to have occurred, I am happy to confirm that no action will be taken against those students who took part in the occupation.

Hugh Jones
Registrar and Secretary

12 February 2009

4:50 pm


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  2. Congratulations on this great achievement!

  3. Hugh Jones only did some paperwork, should we also applaud a monkey who can use a typewriter?