Wednesday, 11 February 2009


11th February 2009 - Fifty Goldsmiths students have occupied Deptford Town Hall to demand two MA scholarships for Palestinian students attending Al-Quds Open University in Nablus. This action has been initiated by the Goldsmiths Students’ Union Palestine Twinning Campaign.

The occupying students have been peaceful and their interaction with the staff has been cordial.

The students entered the building at noon today and intend to remain day and night until their demands have been met. Until that time they will be organizing film screenings, social events and talks regarding the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and other political issues.

The granting of these scholarships is determined by Goldsmiths Senior Management Team which operates from Deptford Town Hall.

The space is open to all who choose to participate. Deptford Town Hall’s security staff is allowing people to enter and exit the building freely.

This action has been taken in support of a nationwide wave of twenty-seven student-led university occupations in response to the recent twenty-two day assault on Gaza. Goldsmiths’ SU began the campaign for scholarships in 2006.

To show your support for the granting of these MA scholarships, contact Warden Geoffrey Crossick at

For more information regarding Goldsmiths’ students occupation of Deptford Town Hall, email

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